It is the policy of Viking Materials that the products we supply will meet your quality requirements. If nonconforming conditions are found we will attempt to settle the claim in a fair and expedient manner.


Please report any discrepancy to your Viking Materials sales representative. Your representative will normally visit your facility to inspect the reported nonconformance. If a visit is not possible you may be asked to submit samples or pictures for our review.


Detailed information helps us expedite your claim. When reporting a discrepancy please provide the Viking Materials shipping tag number. This allows us to trace the origin and production of the material. Details of the discrepancy will speed up your disposition.

Example: Instead of reporting “under gauge” or “low mic”, please report “ordered as ______

and received as _______”


Material Properties – Claims for material properties or coating issues will be subject to analysis by our suppliers or an independent lab.

Freight Claims – Material should be inspected upon receipt and any potential discrepancies noted on all copies of the Bill of Lading. Note any observation of moisture or damage.

Rust / Water Stain – Any rust or water stain claims will be considered up to 30 days from time of receipt.
Every effort is made to produce and protect your material from rust or damage, but we cannot be responsible for material in your facility beyond the 30 day period.


When the return of material has been approved, you will be advised of the RMA number (Return Material Authorization). All returned material must be identified with this RMA number and with the original Viking Materials tag number.

All returned material must be packaged in a manner that prevents any damage or hazard.

Material should not be scrapped in your facility without approval from Viking Materials.

Viking Materials reserves the right to return any material that is not found to be defective.

Claims must be presented to Viking Materials within 45 days from time of receipt in order to be considered.